ARINAGATA Cooperative is a Gayo Arabica Coffee Producer and exporter specializing in organic coffee. The Cooperative has 1.900 selected coffee farmers on 1.979,3 hactares of coffee plantations covering 32 villages in Aceh Tengah district of Aceh Province, Indonesia. The Cooperative was founded in 2006 and has an average prouction capacity of 71 containers per year.


Coming soon new product of Arinagata, Named Nikmat Coffee 2 3 4.

Ara Siberani


Yeni Gustiyana


Mahyana Sari


Our Coffees

Our Gayo plant variety is Gayo 1 also known as Tim-Tim; planted at 1200-1800 masl.


You will find unique flavors and aromas in our coffees such as cherry, chocolate, walnut, white grape, vanilla and fresh flowers!


Our Kering Gading coffee is one of coffee processes initiated by the Dutch during their occupancy in Gayo. Since the Dutch left Indonesia, this process is no longer practised. Currently we are training our farmers to produce their coffee beans using this method. We call it as Kering Gading.


This speciality coffee has an unique aroma and taste. It is our delicacy.


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Arinagata Cooperative Facts:

Source of coffee




Cupping notes

Typical aromatic notes

Harvest period


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Aceh Tengah District, Aceh Province, Sumatera island of Indonesia

1200-1800 meter above sea level

Arabica and Gayo 1


Spices, Medium Acidity, Velvet/Long Ends

White grape, Vanilla and Floral


Organic Control Union and Fairtrade International

- Global Coffee Expo SCAA, Seattle, USA (2017)

- Global Coffee Expo SCAA, Arlanta, USA (2016)

- Singapore Coffee Festival, Singapore (2016)

- World of Coffee Show, SCAE, Dublin (2016)

- Global Coffee Expo SCAA, Seattle, USA (2014)

- World of Coffee Show, SCAE, Hamburg, Germany (2014)



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